Teddy Wars™

Teddy Wars™ Game Play

is an action comedy that utilizes those well known characters that lie on your pillow to thrust you into an action packed parody of epic proportions. Not only do your cuddly friends make fun of everything you know and love, but they have the craziest attitudes in the universe and will have all those nasty earth invading zombies, monsters, aliens and Lamiens, quivering in their exoskeletons.

The controls are pretty self explanatory, WASD for movement, 12345 for weapons, left mouse for fire, right mouse for “bullet time”. You can look up the controls under the Options menu item. ESC will display the menu any time during game play. You can only save your game at the end of each level but be careful with those lives as you only get a new life after earning significant points.

p = All Weapons
n = 10,000 Plutonium

This game uses 3D graphics acceleration so you’ll need to install it on a PC with a graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0. The download file is 30 MB. Download the .msi file from file front then run/double click it to install under Windows. It will create shortcut on your desktop as well as a Start Programs entry.

If you have a wide screen, good graphics card and want to change the screen size to wide screen you can edit the file below. To edit in windows 7, run notepad as administrator, go to the file directory, show all files, open and edit the file below. This will allow you to save it back to program files without an access violation.

Warning: This game does contain some Teddy violence that may not be suitable for younger players. To uninstall just use the Add/Remove Programs tool under the Windows control panel.


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